Full Marine Redesign and Upholstery Services

Do you Provide Full Marine Upholstery Services?

Bordians is specialized in a wide range of upholstery services in Naperville and surrounding areas, including marine upholstery. If your boat runs fine but the interior looks old or damaged, look no further. We can fix the interior of your watercraft by making it look like new so you don't have to go through the struggle of selling it and getting a new one. Regardless of the state of the upholstery, there is no job that is too large or too small for us. From rips, stains, and fading colors, we can deal with every type of upholstery damage, so before considering buying a new vessel, consider giving your reliable one a fresh and new look for a fraction of the price.

What Does Full Marine Upholstery Consist of?

A professional watercraft upholsterer can repair the rips, tears or stains of your boat interior, provide you with new tops to protect your boat from sun damage which is one of the worst, or a new canvas cover so that your entire boat is protected while you move to the harbor, at the beginning of the new sailing season. You can even go for a full customization and reupholster your entire boat for a new look, switching from cloth to vinyl seats, or replacing that gray with a warmer beige interior. Years ago upholstering was limited to the interior building of horse-drawn carriages, then along with the auto industry rising in popularity, many upholsterers started covering this area by building custom interiors for vehicle manufacturers and wealthy car owners. Nowadays, upholstery services expended to all means of transportation and all types of furniture. From custom embroidery to the most exotic skins, a custom upholsterer can provide a unique and individual approach to any vehicle, watercraft, aircraft or commercial and residential furniture. Bordians Upholstery has years of experience in the industry. We grew over the years and take pride in the journey and the knowledge we accumulated. We can change the interior of your boat in no time, without you having to spend a fortune, and the results will surely exceed all your expectations. 

 What Does Your Marine Upholstery Service Include?

There is a general opinion that boat upholstery refers to the seats of a vessel only. But there is more than that! Upholstery services cover a major part of your boat's interior. A marine upholsterer, called also a "trimmer", can help you with your needs in replacing, repairing and customizing interior parts as the carpet, the boat seats and even the dashboard and side panels. At marine upholstery shop in Naperville, we cover all that and even more. One of the services is the replacing of the floor of your boat. Whether your boat's carpet is dirty, old, smelly, damaged or you feel you would like a new color for it, a marine upholstery shop can handle that. You can have the carpet replaced throughout the entire boat. Our Marine upholstery shop in Chicago's suburbs works with a wide range of top-quality fabrics, you can choose from several patterns, designs and of course, colors. We believe that when it comes to the interior of your boat, your personality and style should be noticeable. When it comes to boat seats the upholstery damage can be even more extended than the rest of the interior. Usually covered in fabric, vinyl or leather which are durable in use, at one point they will wear out or get damaged in day-by-day wear and tear. Depending on your existing material there are always different ways to care and repair it, and Bordians Upholstery is here to help you out.  

What Types of Watercraft do You Work With?

Thre is no boat or yacht, or a fishing boat out there that we cannot take care of. Whether you need a total make-over of the interior or changing the seat covers, a new top or a new full cover, we are here for you. At our marine upholstery shop in Chicago suburb in Naperville, we take everything off and replace the old fabric with the fabric of your choice, to give your boat that new interior look back in no time. We know that years of usage can take a toll on the interior of your boat, and no matter how much you clean it and take care of it, once it starts looking old, it will never go back to its initial state, unless changed. An important area that might need a "face-lift" and that can give your boat that new look is the console, but this is also a part that can be a little tricky to take care of. Only experienced upholsterers will be able to repair a console, with problems starting from small noticeable damages to fully custom wrapped in vinyl or leather. At Bordians Upholstery, we have years of experience in upgrading, fixing and restoring damaged helms. When you trust us with this type of service, you can rest assured that your instrumental panel will be ready in no time, will look elegant and your helm will make a huge difference on how the interior of your boat looks. Besides the ceiling, carpet, and seats, at Bordians we make sure that everything looks like new too. 

How Soon Can I Get My Boat's Interior Upholstered?

 Marine upholstery Naperville is the to go place when it comes to all your upholstery services. Regardless of the size of the job or the crazy idea you have about making the interior of your boat unique by using a certain type of fabric, a certain design or a bold color that makes a statement in itself, or just a regular change of upholstery so that your vessel looks good again, we have your back. It will take us just a couple of days for a regular project to finish the work once we establish exactly what needs to be done and you decided on the type of fabric. When Bordians Upholstery finishes the project, you will be amazed at how good your boat looks. Just call us today so that you and your family can enjoy the new boat by the beginning of summer. There is nothing compared with a sailing day of Lake Michigan, in a new looking boat. 


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