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Are Wall Panels Back in Trend?

Wall paneling is considered the new wave of interior design that is sweeping the country this year. Every hotel, restaurant, and business owner will, at some point, if they did not already, consider a wall panel for their establishment. The wall panels become the focal point of the area they are installed in, and when you opt for a 3-dimensional design, which is the new must-have, your business will have that dramatic look that will definitely impress everyone. If in the 1960s wood paneling meant covering entire walls and rooms in wood, nowadays implies an accent wall, meant to attract viewers, like paintings do in a museum. Wood, in all finishes, clear or stained, 3 dimensional or only 2 dimensional is being used today, to create sophisticated looks on accent walls in hotel lobbies, restaurants and waiting areas in commercial buildings. When it comes to wall paneling our clients have several options to choose from. The wood gives an organic, closer to nature look to an area, and wood wall panels are even popular for bedrooms, in hotels and homes alike. The painted wall panels are still a classic and very popular amongst our clients. Regardless of the type you choose, a wall panel will dress up any room and give it a more sophisticated look. One can play with materials, form, and shape, exploring hundreds of possibilities. From wood panels around a fireplace to a wood panel bed board, to a narrow panel from the ceiling to the floor in the bathroom, to huge 3-dimensional wall panels in the reception area of your hotel, no design is too big or too small, and no project is too demanding to be accomplished. Just give us at Bordians a call today, let us know exactly what you have in mind and our experienced designers will be more than happy to assist and guide you in choosing the right materials, and the right design for your new wall pannel.


Can your Company Help me With Custom Wall Panels?

At Bordians Upholstery we take pride in providing all types of upholstery services to all our clients. With years of experience in the upholstery services industry, our professionally trained staff will help you with any type of services related to upholstery, including wall panels. A beautifully designed wall will always attract people and your establishment will be remembered. Regardless if you are interested in a wall panel for your home or your business, hotel or restaurant, we at Bordians offer a wide range of options when it comes to wall panels. we work with sever types of materials, from wood to fabrics, in hundreds of shades, textures, and colors, to make sure that no design, no matter how elaborate it might look, is impossible to reproduce.

What Choices Do I Have When it Comes to Fabrics?

It all depends on the type of your project. If you only need wall panels for a certain part of the establishment, the lobby, or the main dining room of your restaurant, we will choose the same color scheme, regardless of the materials, to give a unified look while keeping the wall panel as the main focus. From vinyl to soft fabric, and custom leather, we can work with any type of fabric and design you might have in mind. We know that when you have hundreds of designs, colors, shades, and textures to choose from, finding the best one can take time and fell like a consuming burden on your shoulders. We also know that time is precious and that is why we are here to help you, in order for you to use that time for something else. If you are not sure what exactly you need or cannot decide on a color scheme, our expert designers can help you. Just let them know what you have in mind and they will carefully look into all the options, narrowing down the list based on your likes and style, the personality of your establishment or home, and present you with a few options that might be perfect for you. That way you won't have to waste your time looking at hundreds of samples in trying to find the perfect color shade for your new wall panel.

Do you Provide Free Estimates for Wall Paneling Services?

We not only provide free estimates but since we know how important the look of your new wall panel is to you, we can help you with choosing the right products, colors, and designs and we can also send you or bring you free samples so you can see the quality of the materials we use. With Bordians Upholstery everything is transparent and simple. A free estimate does not mean that you will be bound in working with us, but it will give you the ability to make the right choice when it comes to selecting the best company to take care of all your wall paneling needs. You can either go to our website and provide all the necessary information to request a free estimate or you can give us a call and set up an appointment with one of our designers or technicians. This will save you the time of going through hundreds of options. Our staff will carefully listen to all your requests and write down what you prefer. That we they will be able to narrow down the possibilities and give you options that will fit your needs, style, and taste, saving you precious time. Choosing Bordians Upholstery when it comes to all your wall paneling related needs, is the best decision to make. So stop looking for the perfect company that can give a new look to your business or home, and trust us with the project. We will guarantee you that there is no other company that can take care of the wall paneling the way we will be. It is part of our expertiese, and since the wall panels came back in trend, we've been working tremendously to come up with unique designs, making sure that all our client's needs are satisfied.


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