Commercial Upholstery- BillJ

BordiansUpholstery team was contacted for Bill Jacobs Mini of Naperville lobby area re-modeling. 

As our customer was a dealership we customized the new upholstery coverings to automotive theme. We also used commercial-grade vinyl for a better resistance and replaced the foam with better quality with higher firmness, as the Project Manager complaint on having the visitors sinking in the seats or sliding of the soft edges of them. As a result, we had 7 new automotive nice looking seats perfect matching the entire area theme and colors. 

Everyone in charge of the project enjoyed the result, so in January we were contracted again for redoing the Bill Jacobs Volkswagen waiting area seats. We added the automotive theme, and even stitched their logo on the high stools. As the foam problems persisted here as well, we worked a lot on reshaping the foam, creating a deeper armrests enclosures, and rebuilding the seat frame out of wood and minimizing the foam layer, to make sure that Bill Jacob's visitors will not sink in the foam anymore.

Note: the pictures were taken in 8 months after the job was delivered. Thanks to our team's expertise and knowledge, the chairs still look as new!

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