Automotive Carpet

Automotive Carpet

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Does Your Company Offer Automotive Carpet Services?

At Bordians Upholstery you will find professional help when it comes to a wide range of upholstery services, including automotive carpet. Your vehicle's carpeting may seem an unimportant part of your car, even though you are stepping on it at every drive. Have you ever noticed how a dirty carpet makes your entire car interior feel uncomfortable? Having a bad carpet can easily reduce the worth of your car, not only ruining the overall look of your car. Opting for a car carpet replacement will refresh the appearance of your vehicle and therefore improving the level of your happiness and satisfaction. There is nothing that can change the look of a car than replacing the old carpet with a new one. That is why at Bordians Upholstery we take pride in offering top quality upholstery services to all our clients, regardless of the make and model of the car you are driving. 

What Are My Options for Auto Carpet Replacing?

There is more than the aesthetic value your auto carpet is providing. Your car floor cover brings functional benefits likewise. It protects the metal floor of your car. More than that, it protects you and your family as it covers the edged metal surfaces on the floor of your vehicle. Your automotive carpet works as an isolator for the noise and vibration created by driving your vehicle, primarily at higher speed. A not less important benefit is that your car interior carpet is providing heat isolation as well, preserving the comfortable temperature in your car on hotter days and keeping it warm in cold weather. And because of the fact that the carpet in your car is not just a carpet but has all the mentioned roles too, at Borfians Upholstery, you will find an extended range of auto carpets to choose from. And because there is no such thing as one-size-feet all in the automotive carpet, we offer the widest custom carpet selection, in hundreds of original colors, for all car makes and models, to match all your needs and style. We know that each client has unique taste and personality and we work closely with each client to make sure that the interior of their cars complements their personality. Just let us know what colors would you like, what type of fabric and texture and we will show you how the interior of your car will look like after we take care of it. If you want a brand new looking and smelling car, the interior is the part you should start with, and replacing the carpet can do wonders to the way your car will make you feel.

 When Should I Consider Having My Auto Carpet Replacement?

Despite its high resistance to day-by-day contact (withstanding the highest friction, after your car tires !!!), your vehicle's carpet is the most vulnerable area. Being so exposed and stepped on constantly, it is the first to show signs of wear and aging. Getting to a fade or worn carpet is a problem of even the most accurate and careful car owner- tears, stains, fading or even burns are unavoidable. Replacing your car carpeting brings health benefits as well, by cutting down on the allergens accumulated in its fibers and reducing the respiratory soreness. More than that, a new carpet will increase the value of your car if you decide on reselling it, as a new car carpet installed is a valuable long-term investment. Here at Bordians Upholstery, we know that opting for your car carpet being replaced can improve dramatically the interior of your vehicle. So why would you continue driving along with all that displeasing stains and nasty odors any minute more?

Are Your New Car Carpets Affordable?

We know how important budgeting is for you, that is why using Bordians Upholstery will not affect your wallet when you choose our automotive carpet services. All our top quality custom carpets are highly affordable and that is what makes us your best choice when it comes to new car carpet. Regardless of the size of your car, small two-door, regular sedan, or XXL SUV, no project is too small or too large for us, and none of them will need you to sacrifice any other expenses in order to be accomplished. And whether you are looking for a new carpet for your classic car or your every-day work vehicle, you should look no further. Trusting us at Bordians Upholstery with the new carpet for your vehicle is the best decision you can make. Just call us today and let us prove you that a new carpet can do wonders to your car, without affecting your budget.

Do You Offer Free Estimates?

Yes. We believe that all our clients should have access to all the information at no cost, therefore you can access our website and fill in all the information to get a free estimate before actually giving us a call to request our services. You just need to provide the make and model of your car and choose the color, type, and design of your new car carpet. The estimates are accurate and there are no hidden costs at Bordians Upholstery. Moreover, if you have trouble choosing the right fabric, or you are not sure which shade of a particular color will look better, just let us know. Our team of experienced designers will be more than happy to help you out with everything you need in order for you to choose the perfect new carpet for your car's interior. Trusting us with the remake of your car interior will only benefit you. Besides saving you money, it will also save you precious time. You don't have to worry about the quality of the work neither. Our team of experts will finish the job in no time, and your car will look and feel like brand new in no time.



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