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Do You Offer Aircraft Upholstery Services?

Bordians Upholstery has years of experience in providing top-quality upholstery services to all types of businesses and transportation means. From cars to trucks, charter buses and watercraft, commercial and small personal planes, we cover all your upholstery needs. If you need aircraft upholstery services to enhance your aircraft's interior, let us at Bordians Upholstery to take care of the job for you. No project is too large or too small for us. Our dedicated team of experts offers a wide range of innovative and unique designs of customized interior works meant to fit all your needs. With us, your charter plane's interior will look stylish and sophisticated, giving your clients the comfort they hope for while flying. So look no further and trust us with all your aircraft upholstery needs and we promise you that, without spending a fortune, you will receive top-quality services in no time. Call us today and let your clients and passengers enjoy the brand-new-looking aircraft interior in no time.

What does your aircraft upholstery services include?

There is no project that is too large or too small for us. From complete interior make-overs of a charter plane to just a seat on your small private aircraft, we cover everything. Whether is only one chair that needs upholstery or the entire aircraft, the experience we accumulated over the years makes us the perfect choice. Bordians Upholstery is your willing and capable partner when it comes to all your aircraft upholstery needs. All our team is professionally trained and ready to bring you the best quality services available. We offer a written guarantee for all our upholstery services and use only top-quality products and materials, combined with the latest technology and tools, in order to deliver impeccable services to all our clients, while saving them money and time. With us, you will not have to worry that your aircraft will be in the hangar for too long or that you will have to spend a fortune on the interior. From seats to side panels, headliners, and floors, we can take care of the entire interior of your aircraft using the fabrics or leather of your choice, to enhance its looks and comfort so that your passengers will travel in style and comfort. Regardless of the size of your project, we provide the same top-quality services, paying close attention to details, to all our clients. Years of experience gave us the knowledge we need to provide professional services but the satisfaction of our clients helped us shape our company and become the upholstery leaders we are today. Without the trust of our clientele, we would not have been here today, and that is why we value each and every one of our clients.

What Choices Do I Have When it Comes to Fabrics?

It all depends on the type of your project. If you only need upholstery services for a certain part of the aircraft like the side panels, or a chair, we will use a matching material to the interior already has, making sure to match colors and texture so that there will be none or small difference between the repaired area and the rest of the aircraft. If you are interested in an entire remodeling of the aircraft's interior, you can decide what type of materials you want. From vinyl to soft fabric, and custom leather, we can work with any type of fabric and design you might have in mind. We know that when you have hundreds of designs, colors, shades, and textures to choose from, finding the best one can take time and fell like a consuming burden on your shoulders. We also know that time is precious and that is why we are here to help you, in order for you to use that time for something else. If you are not sure what exactly you need or cannot decide on a color scheme, our expert designers can help you. Just let them know what you have in mind and they will carefully look into all the options, narrowing down the list based on your likes and style, the personality of your aircraft, and present you with a few options that might be perfect for you. That way you won't have to waste your time looking at hundreds of samples in trying to find the perfect color shade for your aircraft's interior.

Do you Provide Free Estimates for Aircraft Upholstery Services?

We not only provide free estimates but since we know how important the look and comfort of your aircraft furniture are to you, we can help you with choosing the right products, colors, and designs and we can also send you or bring you free samples so you can see the quality of the materials we use. With Bordians Upholstery everything is transparent and simple. A free estimate does not mean that you will be bound in working with us, but it will give you the ability to make the right choice when it comes to selecting the best company to take care of all your commercial furniture upholstery needs. You can either go to our website and provide all the necessary information to request a free estimate or you can give us a call and set up an appointment with one of our designers or technicians. This will save you the time of going through hundreds of options. Our staff will carefully listen to all your requests and write down what you prefer. That we they will be able to narrow down the possibilities and give you options that will fit your needs, style, and taste, saving you precious time. Choosing Bordians Upholstery when it comes to all your commercial furniture related needs, is the best decision to make. So stop looking for the perfect company that can give a new look to your aircraft, and trust us with the project. With us, your charter plane will be ready to welcome guests, in style and comfort and without you spending a fortune on new seats, headliners or side panels. 





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