How long does re-upholstery take?

It depends on of the complexity of the work and what we find beneath your actual covers. Usually here is a backlog of work that is ahead of you when you sign up with us that can take about 2 -3 weeks to clear. For your convenience, we can pick it up at any time if you want it out of the way, but normally we make the pick-up when we are clear to start working on it. We try to have your furniture out of your house for the minimum time possible.

 How do we get started my upholstery project?

The best way we can get started is us to have a glance on the project. You can send in a photo of it to contact@bordians.com or text it to 630-857-8615. After that, we will schedule a meeting at your place or our workshop so we can discuss the details, your requirements and have you look at our fabric, vinyl and leather selection. After you select the material will provide the price for the entire project and will add you to our schedule. Then we will do all the rest: order the materials, pick up the objects of your project, work on it respecting your requirements and deliver it back to your place.

 What if I need my project faster?

We can rush your project through ahead for an additional fee if the schedule allows that. Just ask and we will do our best to work with your time frame.

 How about small projects? Can I have them faster?

Small projects as cushions, pillows, chairs can be done in a couple of days when. Just ask and we will do the best to work them into our schedule.

 Can you do a custom project?

We love custom projects. Our possibilities are limited only by your imagination, and we are always enthusiastic about challenges. We will build or remodel anything you desire, just contact us and let us make your wish come true!

 I am not sure if I should reupholster my furniture or buy a new one. What should I do?

If you have a piece of furniture that has a solid frame, it’s durable and of high quality, and the only thing you dislike about it is the old fabric- it is a reasonable and wise to reupholster it. That will bring a fresh and new look and touch to your modern or antique furniture, as we are always replacing the foam of it on a new one and, if the case, re-gluing the wood frames, legs and arms. By the other hand, you can easily find something on your taste in furniture stores for under $500, but keep in mind that they usually have weak frames and will require being replaced in a few years.

 Besides re-upholstering what other services can you provide?

We can match your existing vinyl, leather or fabric. We can repair the cracked leather or vinyl on your car interior, boat benches, aircraft seats. In most cases, we will get very close to the color and pattern or texture of the existing cover, difficult to distinguish from the original. Case to case, other times it can not be possible. Give us a call, let us the issue and we will give the verdict.


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